Come and stake your claim on a Texas-sized "island" of trash

Discover the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' at our free workshop July 30
for middle school science teachers. RSVP now!

Free summer workshop for marketing teachers!

Join us July 28 for a field trip to a material recovery facility and see
how advertising and marketing are used in our program. Lunch is also on us!

Robinson Elementary: A shining example of "how to do it right".


In just 6 weeks, 12 school communities collected 3,280 lbs. of plastic caps:

students in 12 schools
lbs. of plastic caps
plastic containers recycled

See how they made a TON (and a half) of difference!

  • eek-materials

Eek! It leaks! A lesson for students in grades 3-8

A sanitary landfill is an engineering marvel that protects our groundwater from contaminated waste. Basically, it is a giant bag that doesn’t leak. In this activity, students are charged with constructing a leak-proof bag using 4 plastic strips and masking tape. The challenge is they are given only a limited amount of tape.
  • destiny-puppet

Attention All Day Camps: Puppet Show Extends Season

Destiny, the star of the smash hit puppet show, “How Recycling Changed My Life” has extended her engagement in St. Louis County and is now available for summer performances. The smash hit, seen by 1,008 students this past school year, features a sneaky villain, dramatic chase scene, and flying objects! […]

  • robinson2

Robinson Elementary: Shining Example of Food Waste Diversion

A pilot program to recycle cafeteria waste at Robinson Elementary School succeeds with thoughtful design and a commitment to training. […]

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Discover the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ at our July 30 workshop

Our free STEAM workshop for middle school science teachers on July 30 will feature lab activities, field trips, community service projects, art, language arts, and more!  Come and stake your claim on a Texas-sized island of trash!

  • Who said recycling's not cool?

Free Summer Workshop for Marketing Teachers July 28

Looking for an engaging project for your high school marketing class? Attend our free summer workshop! The workshop includes a field trip to a material recovery facility and tips on how advertising and marketing are used in our program. Lunch is also on us! […]

  • BJH-w-teacher-and-certificate

12 Schools Make a Ton (and a Half!) of Difference in Just Six Weeks

In six weeks 5,700 students in 12 schools collected plastic bottle caps. The day has arrived for St. Louis County’s Resourceful Schools Project staff to pick them up. The truck rattles and the ride is […]