Why reuse a paper cup?

Here are some fun facts about to-go paper cups in an infographic. Do you remember to bring your reusable mug to the coffee shop each [...]

Natural Recipes for Home and Yard

We can protect our homes and environment by using safe alternatives to common toxic household products, such as pesticides and household cleaners, and using common ingredients already found in many kitchens.  While promoting a healthy home and environment, using safe alternatives also reduces the potential for exposing our families to unnecessary health risks and frees us from worrying about proper disposal of leftovers. […]

The Holiday Season is the Reason to Recycle

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Americans throw away 25% more trash. This means that if a family usually fills up four carts of trash per month, during the holidays they will fill five carts of trash each month. Remind students that they are conserving natural resources and reducing energy consumption by recycling and composting. This is the best time of year to be aware of our waste since this is the season we create the most. The holiday season also gives us a chance to be creative and give a gift to future generations by minimizing the environmental impact of our celebrations. Read on for environmental tips to share… […]

Recycling Facts

Employment Missouri’s recycling industry employs 28,026 workers. Recycling produces annual sales of $5,122,436,000 in the state of Missouri. Recycling produces an annual payroll of $707,307,000 [...]

Turning Recyclables into Something New

After your recyclables are sorted, baled, and shipped to market, they go through a process to be turned into new things we use.  “How do they do that!?” you might ask yourself.  Each material is processed in a different way.  See the list of materials below to find out how. […]

Single Stream Recycling Tour

Your Recyclables Are Destined for Greatness That destiny starts with a Materials Recovery Facility (recycling center) or MRF! You can all recognize it.  Now learn about the popular recycling symbol or “chasing arrows”. Find out what happens after you drop your recycling at the curb. See how they separate the recyclables when they arrive at the MRF. […]