Lesson plans for upper elementary and middle school students.

Recycling & Economics

Got Gadgets?
The Zero Waste Project

Recycling & Climate Change

Pass the Tomatoes Please
The Carbon Games

Litter & Waste Reduction

Pick Up a New Attitude
Waste Watchers
Recycling Rules
All three of these lessons are in this pdf.

Programs for Adults

If you are looking for programming for a PTO meeting or events in your school community, we offer presentations on solid waste issues intended for adult audiences. The environment provides an important service that protects human health; it receives our wastes.

The Saint Louis County Health Department is one of the […]

Recycling Relay

This activity challenges students to separate materials in a similar way to how it happens in real life. […]

High School Lesson Plan: Hands-on “Garbage Patch”

You may have heard about the “Garbage Patch”, an island the size of Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean, but it may not be what you imagine. Much of the pollution caught in all of our ocean’s gyres is actually a slurry of many-sized pieces of plastic; some smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. […]

Elementary Offerings: Decomposer Detectives/World of Worms

“Decomposer Detectives” is an activity in which students explore samples of working compost to find creatures that are a part of the decomposer community. Sometimes terrific, insect-filled compost samples are hard to come by so, as a solution to this problem, we have combined this activity with the “World of Worms.” The […]

New Puppet Show: How Recycling Changed My Life

Our new puppet show stars an elementary student named Destiny. The 15-20 minute presentation is interactive, features a villain, contains an exciting chase scene, and has a conclusion that young students can readily recognize as actually happening in real life. The puppet show can be performed for multiple classes of […]

Collection of Environmental Education Ideas

Conserve and recycle: I do my part!
Students create an action plan and share their methods of conservation and recycling using a digital camera and PowerPoint slides.
How long does trash last?
Groups of students investigate how long items last in a landfill.
Waste reduction at school
Includes event ideas to promote waste reduction […]

Grade 5: Pick Up a New Attitude, Waste Watchers, Recycling Rules

If you're planning to teach a message on reducing, reusing and recycling this Earth Day, we have the lesson plans for you. EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden revised lessons originally designed by Keep America Beautiful, making them regionally specific and retailored with an emphasis on inquiry-based learning and correlation to state standards.

School Gardening Resources

Here is a helpful resource for school educators and gardeners, from the University of Illinois Extension! Great articles full of gardening news, garden-based education, fresh ideas, studies, problems and solutions. Check it out today!