Our RSP classroom presentations are free to all schools within Saint Louis County.  In this section you will find a list of program offerings.  If you want to conveniently request a presentation online or evaluate a presentation, click here.

Programs for Adults

If you are looking for programming for a PTO meeting or events in your school community, we offer presentations on solid waste issues intended for adult audiences. The environment provides an important service that protects human health; it receives our wastes.

The Saint Louis County Health Department is one of […]

Elementary Offerings: Decomposer Detectives/World of Worms

“Decomposer Detectives” is an activity in which students explore samples of working compost to find creatures that are a part of the decomposer community. Sometimes terrific, insect-filled compost samples are hard to come by so, as a solution to this problem, we have combined this activity with the “World of […]

New Puppet Show: How Recycling Changed My Life

Our new puppet show stars an elementary student named Destiny. The 15-20 minute presentation is interactive, features a villain, contains an exciting chase scene, and has a conclusion that young students can readily recognize as actually happening in real life. The puppet show can be performed for multiple classes […]

Classroom Presentation Evaluation Form

Use our convenient Online Request Form if you would like to schedule future presentations.  Explore our website for additional teacher resources. If you have further inquiries, call or email Mallory Potter at (314) 615-7833, MPotter2@stlouisco.com
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Free RSP Classroom Presentations

The following educational programs are free to all public and private schools in Saint Louis County. Unless noted otherwise, presentations are 45 minutes in length. Please allow at least two weeks’ notice. 

Use our convenient Online Request Form to request a classroom presentation in your school or contact Mallory Potter, Saint Louis County Department of Health, 111 S. Meramec Avenue Clayton, MO 63105, 314-615-7833, MPotter2@stlouisco.com

Free Classroom Presentation Online Request Form

View our list of free educational programs offered for presentation descriptions.
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