Holiday Waste-Wise Gift Ideas

Don’t "Throw It All Away" This Holiday Season The holiday season brings an influx of paper to homes in the form of holiday advertising and [...]

How to Make a Recycled Haunted House

Are you on the hunt for inexpensive Halloween décor? Ghost hunters and children alike can conjure up some ghosts with this recycled craft. Use leftover tissue boxes to make a haunted house perfect for display on a tabletop, mantle or shelf.

Hazardous Waste Jeopardy

Hazardous Waste Jeopardy Your home and garage may seem safe, but take a look around. If you see any of these types of products, your [...]

Environmental Poems

A Holiday Recycling Tale The Worms Crawl In, the Worms Crawl Out Green Version of Three Little Pigs Humpty Dumpty The Princess and the Pea [...]

Sing Along Composting Songs

Kindergarten* Had Some Worms Worm Bin Boogie Kindergarten* Had Some Worms (To the tune of "Old McDonald's Farm ") *substitute your grade Kindergarten had some [...]

Sing Along Recycling Songs

3R Song He's My Garby We've Got to Reduce All Our Trash I've Been Working on Recycling We Can Use Our Trash Please Don't Litter [...]

Pencil/Pen Holder

This 100% recycled pencil and pen organizer is perfect for organizing your office items on top of your desk. With a few cardboard tubes you [...]

Mr. Bones

Reuse plastic milk jugs to make a skeleton. Celebrate Halloween and the 3R’s. Little kids can punch holes and tie on bones. Cutting the plastic [...]

Plastic Kite

  Ever wondered what you can do with those leftover plastic bags? This traditional type kite is perfect for using those grocery plastic bags that aren’t [...]