Composting Jeopardy – Compost Critters

Composting Jeopardy

This game is fun to play with a friend.  One player chooses a category with a point value while the other asks the first player a question from the chosen section.  After a player answers a question from a section, that section is closed.

Write down each player’s answers and the point value of each question answered.  Take turns asking each other questions.  After each player takes eight turns, it is time to check the answers!  Whichever player ends up with the most points is the winner!  The winner gets bragging rights and is declared a Master Composter.

(If you are playing with more than two players, you should form two even teams or one person can act as the facilitator and/or score keeper.)

Download a pdf of the full version of this game, or test your skills on our first category, Compost Critters, in the interactive quiz below:

(New version coming soon.)

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