SSR Guide – Develop Your System

SSR Guide – Develop Your System

  1. Gather Information
  2. Present Benefits of SSR to Administration
  3. Get Organized
  4. Design an Internal Logistics Plan
  5. Amend Contracts
  6. Provide Recycling Containers
  7. Consider Alternative Options

1. Gather Information

Check with your hauler to see if they offer SSR.  Contact other recycling providers and explore the types of services available.  At this time, you might also obtain quotes for service.   The following list of SSR recycling providers in Saint Louis County confirmed that they provide single stream recycling for schools:

Josh Kaestner, Area Manager
(314) 368-0157

  • Working with many local schools.
  • No charge for the first 90 days of
    their program.

Susanne Reed, Manager of Administration
(314) 731-7663 ext 1-2729

  • Proven Cost Saving Program
  • Currently working with local school districts

Nicole Scatizzi, Sales Manager
(314) 739-5099 ext 4410

  • Collection of Single Stream Recycling
  • Free waste audits to evaluate your company’s
    waste removal and recycling needs

Dale Ann Behnen
(636) 861-1234

If your company provides Single Stream Recycling to schools and you would like to be added to our website, email us  your company logo, a description of services, and contact information.

2. Present Benefits of SSR to Administration

If students express an interest in the SSR initiative, take advantage of their enthusiasm.  Students may even be able to put together a proposal to present to administrators.  Emphasize the fact that district costs should not increase due to recycling.  With or without student participation, decision-makers in the district need to hear about the benefits of starting a SSR program.

Single stream recycling is:



Gone are the days when you had to fuss with separating different types of waste streams.  With SSR, everything goes into the same container.


Recycling pickups will typically cost less than trash pickups.  Therefore, by decreasing trash pickups, more revenue will be left for schools, which benefits the entire community.


Recycling diverts waste from landfills.  Less energy is used to produce products and packaging from recycled materials rather than raw materials.


The St. Louis region alone employs almost 16,000 people in the recycle, reuse and remanufacture industries.



Uniform recycling standards throughout the district simplify efforts.


3. Get Organized

A. Identify key players

Department cooperation is fundamental in successful planning.  Important target departments are science, finance, custodial services, facilities, nutrition, and public information.

B. Form a committee

Enlist important department leaders to form a committee.  A multi-discipline team can tackle the project from every angle.

C. Designate a project lead

A committee lead will ensure the smooth flow of communication between members.

D. Assign tasks & deadlines

Clear program goals and objectives should be outlined along with the estimated time to accomplish each task.

4. Design an Internal Logistics Plan

Each school will probably have a unique approach, but one vital link for all in the logistics chain is the nutrition staff.  With their cooperation, you will be able to divert a large portion of the school’s recyclable waste from the trash dumpster to the recycling dumpster.

It is also critical to assure your custodial staff is part of the logistics plan as they will be handling the materials.  When meeting with custodial staff, let them know that they are still handling the same amount of materials.  The only difference with the new SSR program is that the materials are going to two different places.   Without custodial buy in, your program may not go anywhere.


5. Amend Contracts

Waste Hauling Contracts

It is imperative that you know the ins and outs of your current hauling contract in the event you need to make changes for your new program.  You must especially know when your contract expires or if you have the ability to amend it.

Work with your waste hauler to add a recycling component to your current contract.  See Appendix H for questions to ask when negotiating a contract.  If your current hauler is unable to meet your needs, look for a subcontractor that can provide recycling.

Custodial Contracts

Custodial contracts can be viewed similarly to waste hauling contracts.  Are you able to add additional services to your current contract or can you alter the current contract to fit your needs?


6. Provide Recycle Containers

Schools using blue recycling bins from Saint Louis County for paper recycling can convert those bins into SSR bins.  Schools continuing to recycle paper as a fundraiser can utilize cardboard boxes for paper collection.  Decoration of the paper recycling boxes can be an art project for students.

For new containers, assign a person on your committee to find grants and research potential business partnerships in your community.  Recycle bins should be provided for classrooms, kitchens, cafeterias, staff lounges and common areas.

7. Consider Alternatives

If your district administration is apprehensive about launching an SSR program for the entire district, an alternative approach is to start a small pilot program.  Start with a few schools in the district that may present challenges.  You can then address concerns and appease any doubts.

After the pilot program has been in place for at least six months, you can assess the program’s effectiveness and plan for future expansion.


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