It's Just a Little Cap

In 6 weeks, 12 school communities collected caps representing more than 500,000 plastic containers recycled!

Can putting the caps back on containers make a difference? 

Schools are helping us make the case for recycling smarter!

The recycling centers in our area want us to put our caps back on our empty bottles and cartons.

just-a-little-capBecause of their small size, loose caps thrown into your recycling bin may not be recycled and will end up in the landfill. You might say, “But they’re so little, it can’t make a difference.”…or can it?

We decided to put it to a test!

Eleven St. Louis County schools (plus the Sappington Elementary community, which inspired us with a previous drive and later joined our effort) collected bottle caps over a 6-week period to demonstrate that many little things can add up to a lot. As of April 10, 2015, students, parents and staff at those schools have turned in caps representing 521,591 containers recycled:

  •   33,134 milk jugs
  • 380,769 single-serve bottles
  • 104,687 assorted other containers
  • 521,591 – our grand total of plastic containers recycled!

We made it! We’ve collected caps representing more than 500,000 plastic containers recycled. The graphic above shows individual school data. Our collection drive concluded April 10, 2015. 

Thank you to our schools for participating in this pilot project. They are helping us gain first-hand knowledge and experience so that we can better assist schools and educate St. Louis County residents about good recycling practices, waste prevention, and waste diversion.