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Hazardous Household Waste kit
Model landfill kit
Paper making kit
Waste sorting kit

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Available as a loan kit.  Introduction to hazardous products commonly used at home.  Students test household cleaning products and compare those defined as hazardous to safer, homemade alternatives. 


Introduce waste management issues and solutions to your students with this model landfill.  Model consists of a dump of the past and a landfill that uses modern technology.  The complete kit includes sponges, hoses, spray bottles, and more.  Using this model, students will learn about the different components and environmental protective measures of a modern sanitary landfill.



A loan kit complete with materials, instructions and DVD is all you need to get started.  Kit includes blender, two coffee cans, a hardware screen, window screens, a one-gallon bottle, sponges, plastic cups, paper making DVD and instructions.  Simply provide used paper, newspaper, and water, and you are ready to engage your students in an activity that dispenses scientific knowledge and amusement.



This kit will make it a cinch to demonstrate which solid waste materials are reusable, compostable, and recyclable.  Use this kit for a school science/environmental night or trash bag relay activity.  Hula hoops may be used for a 3R Venn diagram activity.  Kit contains two recycle bins, two reuse boxes, two compost buckets, three hula hoops and two bags of identical waste.  Each trash bag is full of “clean” waste materials including paper products, plastic, metals, glass, textiles, and pretend food items.