Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones

Reuse plastic milk jugs to make a skeleton. Celebrate Halloween and the 3R’s. Little kids can punch holes and tie on bones. Cutting the plastic and gluing is a job for older kids and parents. Painting Mr. Bones in a neon color (which makes him to appear to glow) or drawing faces, fingernails, etc., are jobs for all creative spirits.

For a print-friendly version, open attachment at bottom of page.  Print on both sides of paper whenever possible.

What you will need:

  • 8-9 clean plastic gallon jugs
  • String
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Glue gun
  • One-hole punch
  • Neon paint (optional)


  1. Head – Choose a jug with a pair of circular indentations, these will be the eyes. Turn the jug upside down; the spout will act as the neck. Under the eyes cut a mouth. Make two small slits in the top of the head and tie loop of string through them for hanging Mr. Bones.
  2. Chest – Holding the jug upright, cut six holes in front to resemble a rib cage. Glue the head and chest together at the spouts with hot glue, holding for a few seconds to bond.
  3. Shoulder – Cut off two jug handles, as shown and attach them to the chest section with hot glue. Punch a hole at one end of each shoulder.
  4. Hips – Cut all the way around a jug, about 4.5″ from the bottom. Cut half circles in each side to give the appearance of hips, as shown.
  5. Waist – Cut out two spouts, leaving a ½” rim on each. Glue the spouts together and let dry. Then glue to the bottom of the chest and the top of the hip section.
  6. Arms and Legs – Cut six (6) bone shapes from the corner sections of three jugs. From two of these bones cut out the center to make shins. Punch a hole through the ends of all six bones. Tie two sections together. Join leg sections to each hip with string.
  7. Hands and Feet – Let kids trace their hands and feet onto the side of a jug, then cut out the shapes. Punch holes in the hands and feet and tie them onto the arms and legs. Dress them up by coloring in fingernails and toenails with markers!

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