Our bottle cap collection results are in!

Inspired by a previous drive at Sappington Elementary in the Lindbergh School District, the Resourceful Schools Project decided to hold a special one-time-only school collection of bottle caps.

Cap collections are mostly ill-advised because it is very difficult to recycle loose caps in our area. The best way to ensure that your caps get recycled is to put the cap back on your empty container before recycling it.

So, what about the collected caps? We used the caps to calculate the number of plastic milk jugs, beverage containers and assorted other containers recycled. Here is what we found.

In 6 weeks, 12 school communities collected 2,761 lbs. of plastic caps representing:

  • 33,134 Milk jugs
  • 104,687 Miscellaneous containers
  • 380,769 Single-serve beverage bottles
    521,591  Total Containers!

Schools that participated:

  • Affton Early Childhood Center
  • Affton High School
  • Bayless Elementary
  • Bayless Junior High
  • Crestwood Elementary
  • Gotsch Intermediate
  • Halls Ferry Elementary
  • Mesnier Primary
  • North Kirkwood Middle
  • Robinson Elementary
  • Rogers Middle
  • Sappington Elementary

So, if anyone should ask if their school communities’ recycle they can answer, “Yes, we do!” and they have some numbers to back it up! See the final numbers for individual schools here.

Happy Earth Day!