SSR Guide – Overcome Challenges

SSR Guide – Overcome Challenges

Custodial Communications

Custodial responsibilities may change slightly with the new program based on your logistical design.  You may have full support from custodial staff but miscommunications or misunderstandings may occur because of the new system.  Regular meetings given by the custodial supervisor may help to convince custodial staff that there is still the same amount of materials going from the kitchen, office or classroom to the outside loading dock.

Shortage of Recycle Bins

With the success of your new program, you may discover a lack of sufficient recycling bins.  If your school has a hard time finding containers to collect recyclables, an option that has worked for some schools is to supply small, inexpensive waste cans or buckets for garbage.  Then you can simply put a sticker on your current trash cans to designate them as recycle bins.

Low Participation

Without the participation of students, staff and faculty, your program will not be successful.

With some creative approaches to reeducating and rejuvenating your participants, you can easily stir up enthusiasm.  Most students enjoy learning about sustainability and environmental stewardship.  Education is the key to participation.

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