Just a Little Cap?

Eleven St. Louis County schools are collecting bottle caps to demonstrate that many little things can add up to a lot. See how much they've collected so far!

Does Your School Need Recycling Bins?

This program is for all k-12 schools located in St. Louis County MO. The Resourceful Schools Project has distributed bins to schools in order to [...]

If Your School is Not Yet Recycling Milk Cartons, Read On…

Divert Waste by Recycling Cartons at School

Cartons, made mostly from paperboard (a renewable resource), are ideal for packaging because they are environmentally sustainable, light-weight, and in demand by companies that make recycled paper products.

Have you heard of the Carton Council? This organization works to increase carton recycling in the United States. The Carton Council has lots of recycling information available at their website: recyclecartons.com, along with a Go-Green Guide for Carton Recycling in Schools.

SSR Guide – Know Your Waste

Getting to know the baseline conditions of your waste stream is important for negotiating a contract with a hauler.  The more you know about your [...]

Classroom Recycling Bins

RSP has been pleased to provide over 22,000 classroom bins to Saint Louis County Schools for paper recycling.  As an increasing number of schools transition [...]

SSR Guide – Develop Your System

Gather Information Present Benefits of SSR to Administration Get Organized Design an Internal Logistics Plan Amend Contracts Provide Recycling Containers Consider Alternative Options 1. Gather [...]