SSR Guide – Introduce the Program

Once the nuts and bolts of the program have been established, the next big step is to introduce the program internally to staff, faculty, and [...]

SSR Guide – Overcome Challenges

Custodial Communications Custodial responsibilities may change slightly with the new program based on your logistical design.  You may have full support from custodial staff but [...]

SSR Guide – Evaluate Your Program

Monitor your program regularly for best results.  Watch and record fluctuations in waste collection over time.  As you track your progress, you may notice that [...]

SSR Guide – Understand the Basics

Single stream recycling (SSR) has arrived in Saint Louis County and is available for commercial accounts.  SSR is a practical way of collecting all recyclable [...]

Single Stream Recycling Guide Appendices

Find all appendices for the Single Stream Recycling School Guide below. Download all appendices suitable for printing: Appendices Download this easy instructional worksheet to determine [...]

Going Green the Rockwood Way

January 2009 In early 2008, Rockwood School District took a green idea and ran with it.  They launched a comprehensive recycling program – also known [...]