Free RSP Classroom Presentations

Free RSP Classroom Presentations

The following educational programs are free to all public and private schools in Saint Louis County. Unless noted otherwise, presentations are 45 minutes in length. Please allow at least two weeks’ notice.

Use our convenient Online Request Form to request a classroom presentation in your school or contact us.

Grades K-2:

Recycling Is #1

Through a puppet show a little milk jug learns that whether you are a #1 or #2 plastic, you are always a valuable resource if recycled. A teacher volunteer is requested for this program to assist in the show.Grades 1-3:

Decomposer Detectives

Learn about decomposers – the stars of the recycling world. Students explore live active compost samples, identifying and observing the critters that make compost.

Recycling 101

Recycling basics teach students that recycling is part of everyday life. Students act out the stages of the paper cycle and do a hands-on activity choosing what to do with items pulled from a trash bag.

Trash Bag Relay

Students sort and classify common household items into recycling, reusing, composting and trash categories as part of a relay race.

Grades 4-6:

World of Worms

A live-worm composting bin comes to the classroom as students explore worms as decomposers, what they need to live and how they reproduce.

Think Resource – Not Trash!

Using a Resource Tree students learn the how and why of recycling, the difference between products and packages, and the resources used to make both. Their new knowledge is tested in a rousing game of Recycling Bingo!

What’s In Your Trash Bag?

Prior to the presentation, students spend a full school day carrying around their own trash bags and depositing everything normally thrown away at school. RSP sends a pre-lesson outline, re-sealable bags for lunch waste and an optional trash weighing exercise. RSP visit is for 60 minutes and requires a large area for sorting and analysis of the waste stream.

Where Is ‘Away’?

Where does the trash go? How do landfills work and how are they different from “the dump”? Students explore these questions as they brainstorm how to reduce what is sent to the landfill. Optional pre-lesson activity explores results of the 2007 Missouri Waste Composition Study.

Grades 7-8:

Model Landfill Demonstration

Let us bring the “mountain” to you – a model landfill complete with impermeable liner, groundwater, daily cover and more!

Economics Of Recycling

Through role-playing, participants will put into practice the economic concepts  of supply and demand, scarcity, trade-offs, opportunity costs and externalities.

Hazardous Or Safe? Household  Hazardous Product Alternatives

Introduction to hazardous products commonly used at home.  Students test household cleaning products and compare those defined as hazardous to safer, homemade alternatives. Also available as a loan kit.

The Science of Making Paper

A loan kit complete with materials, instructions and DVD is all you need to get started. Just provide used paper and water, and you are ready to engage your students in an activity that dispenses scientific knowledge and amusement.