Saint Louis Teacher Resources

Saint Louis Teacher Resources

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Recycling and Used Materials for Teachers


Located in a 10,000 square foot office building, the KidSmart Free Store transfers, at no cost, the community’s surplus supplies and merchandise into the hands of teachers for school children in need.  Teachers from schools not eligible to shop can earn a shopping trip by volunteering for three hours at KidSmart. To determine if your school is eligible or to participate in the Volunteer to Shop program, please contact School Relations, KidSmart – Tools for Learning by phone or email.
  Phone: (314) 291-6211
  Address: 12175 Bridgeton Square, Bridgeton, MO 63044


This community-based arts & science resource and learning center provides affordable household and industrial discards for use as educational learning tools. Leftovers Etc. provides instruction in developmentally appropriate, educational, family-centered activities for low-income, at risk and special needs youth. This is a great resource for public education and artists seeking “found objects.” Call or visit the website for more information on field trips, trash art, tours, birthday parties, scouting badge programs, summer camps and teacher workshops.
  Phone: (636) 946-9779
  Address: 1759 Scherer Parkway, St. Charles, MO 63303


Reusable resources for creative thinking in Math, Science, Writing and Art are collected from business and industry and made available to teachers, parents, youth groups, etc. In addition to keeping these materials out of the landfill, STRC also has student environmental education workshops, developed using the Missouri State Standards and adult workshops teaching creative play. Call or visit website for details. 
  Phone: (636) 227-7095
  Multiple Locations:
  University of Missouri St. Louis, 8001 Natural Bridge, St. Louis MO 63121
  Traveling Recycle Center “Van Go” will come to your school, group or daycare center.

Recycling Fundraiser Programs for Schools

PAPER : AbiBo Recycling

Bright green and yellow containers – called Abitibi Paper Retrievers – and collection service are porivded at no charge for community drop off of newspaper, magazines, shopping catalogs and mail. Paper is weighed at the time of collection and schools are paid for each pound that is recycled. For more information, please call or visit the website.
 (314) 381-3700
 P.O. Box 24843, St. Louis, MO 63115

PRINTER CARTRIDGES: Champion for Children

Recycle printer cartridges as a fundraiser for schools. This organization provides direct pick-up, bins for sorting inkjet and laser cartridges and letters and flyers designed for your school. They will purchase the inkjet cartridges for up to $2.00 per cartridge and laser cartridges for up to $7.00 per cartridge.
  (314) 739-2514
 13761 St. Charles Rock Rd, Suite 123, Bridgeton, MO , 63044

TEXTILES: Remains Inc.

A vintage and recycled clothing business, Remains Inc. help schools collect used clothing, textiles and shoes as a fundraiser. Remains, Inc. will drop a collection trailer at no charge and pay by the pound for items collected. Call Paul Wright for more information.
  (314) 865-0303 (Phone) (314) 865-0549 (Fax)
 3340 Morganford Rd., St. Louis, MO 63116

TEXTILES: U’S Again Clothes Collection Program

U’S Again is a recycling company specializing in the collection and wholesale of reusable clothes, shoes and household textiles. Hosting a bin can help schools earn $20-40 for every ton collected. Bins and collection are provided free of charge. For more information call or visit the website.
 1600 Downs Drive, Unit 8, West Chicago, IL 60185


WEBSITE DRIVE: Greenraising

Make your next fundraiser a green one with Greenraising. Simply register your school and start promoting your fundraiser. 25% of all online sales from your supporters go back to your school. Choose a two or three week “Website Drive” period and your school will earn 40%. You may also choose to hold a traditional cataglog drive in with Greenraising will provide catalags and order forms. All products are manufactured by companies  with the environment  in mind. Please call for details, visit the website, or e-mail
 (888) 946-5556
 5737 Kanan Rd. #334, Agoura Hills, CA 91031

ALUMINUM CANS: Recycle Challenge

The Recycle Challenge is a program where schools can earn money, compete for prizes and help the environment simply by reducing beverage containers. Schools can host a 24 hour drop-off container, sponsor a can drive event, or bring cans to local buyback locations during operating hours and earn cash credits for your group. For more information call  Stefanie or visit the website.
 (314) 381-3700 x100


TerraCycle has a program in which you can get paid for trash. Join a “bridgae” for a specific waste stream (drink pouches, cany wrappers, diaper packaging) and for every plastic item collected, TerraCycle will donate 2c to your school. You may register online and download free shipping labels. All waste items collected are recyled into useful products such as tote bags, pencil cases and flower pots. To register and learn more, visit the website.
 (609) 393-4252
 121 New York Ave, Trenton, NJ 08618


This fundraiser allows students to recycle mobile phones to bring the exciting Mad Science programming to their school. Mad Science offers fun and interactive in-class workshiops, assemblies, special events, after-school and summer enrichment programs. These educational programs are exciting and interactive with a wide variety of scientific topics. Mad Science will provide boxes for collection and shipping labels. For more information call, email, or visit the website.
 (314) 991-8000
 8420-R Olive Blvd, St Louis, MO 63132


“Race to Recycle” is a fundraising program for K-12 schools that collect used cell phones. Motorola provides boxes and shipping labels and pays per a reward schedule determined by the type of phone received.  

Teacher Development & Classroom Resources


MEEA’s vision is to develop an environmentally responsible citizenry in Missouri. It offers an all-in-one resource to locate organizations, programs, resources, teaching aids, field trip opportunities, and professional development opportunities, in addition to an Environmental Education Certification Program.


MORA supports waste reduction and recycling efforts in Missouri by providing information, educational opportunities, and technical support in partnership with state, national and regional organizations. Each fall MORA sponsors an annual statewide poster contest in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to commemorate Missouri Recycles Day, held every year on November 15. Winners are highlighted on the MORA calendar, which is distributed to its membership, elected officials, and solid waste management districts.


RBRC is dedicated to keeping rechargeable batteries and cell phones out of our nation’s solid waste stream and has developed a free Kids Activity Booklet to teach students the importance of recycling rechargeable batteries. The booklet uses fun tools to engage young mids about properly recyling rechargeable batteries and cell phones to keep our enviornment clean and livable.
 Website: (Click on Games & Resources)


The Zoo provides teachers workshops, loan materials, and hands on activities for area educators to integrate conservation education into their curriculum.


A museum that is a marvel of re-use and recycling beginning with its building, City Museum is a former 600,000 square-foot shoe company constructed of objects salvaged from city buildings. School groups can utilize pre-arranged learning activities grouped by curriculum areas (Commuincation Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies).  Call (314) 231-2489 ext. 601 or e-mail to arrange a group visit.


A division of Missouri Botanical Garden, EarthWays Center promotes sustainable energy and resource use in the greater St. Louis region. Provides classroom and teacher presentations and resources on environmental education in solid waste reduction and recycling, energy efficiency and renewable energy use, green building, air quality, and sustainability.


This organization is dedicated to showing community development through community gardening and also has programs to show the fun and rewards of gardening to schools, including a classroom-composting program. For more information call Jean Corbett, Education Coordinator, (314) 588-9600


Founded for the “promotion of knowledge.” The Garden offers programs for students and professional development opportunities and resources for teachers. The Garden also sponsors an environmental leadership program called ECO-ACT. This program for high school students trains them to learn ecology and conservation through teaching by identifying and researching local environmental issues and then creating an action unit to teach to a 4th grade classroom.


Offers courses, events and classroom materials to educators and also offers subscription to a broadcast e-mail list that notifies subscribers of upcoming events.






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