Does Your School Need Recycling Bins?

This program is for all k-12 schools located in St. Louis County MO. The Resourceful Schools Project has distributed bins to schools in order to assist them in their recycling efforts.  We are happy to be able to provide a limited number of classroom bins again this year. We are excited that so many schools now have the ability to participate in single-stream recycling!

Our program will supply only one bin per classroom. We replace lost or broken bins and will also provide them for any new classrooms you may have.

We strongly encourage schools to participate in single-stream recycling. Single-stream collection is what your students have at home and therefore recycling at school reinforces positive recycling behaviors.

If you are collecting paper separately,  you should be aware that there have been changes in the paper collection programs locally. Programs that paid schools for their paper in the past may no longer be doing so now. Check with your company and school administration to see if you are actually receiving money for your paper.

To request bins or for other information please contact:

Margaret Lilly
or by phone:(314) 615-8957