‘Talkin’ Trash’ production to tour seven St. Louis County schools

Resourceful Schools is bringing Metro Theater Company’s production of “Talkin’ Trash”, a play by Nicholas Kryah, to seven St. Louis County schools.

talkin-trash-400pxThis play was inspired, in part, by a Parkway North High School student, Sam Klein. From a young age, Sam knew that recycling and keeping things out of landfills was important. So much so, that he started his own recycling business at age 8.

Sam’s company is called the Recycle Charity Group. All of the money raised is donated to local charities.

To learn more about Sam and his company go to www.recyclecharitygroup.org. The play “Talkin’ Trash” tours through November 25th. Go to www.metrotheatercompany.org to learn more about the fantastic productions and educational programming they offer to schools and communities.

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Photos are of the production, “Talkin’ Trash”, and members of the Metro Theater Company