Grade 5: Pick Up a New Attitude, Waste Watchers, Recycling Rules

If you're planning to teach a message on reducing, reusing and recycling this Earth Day, we have the lesson plans for you. EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden revised lessons originally designed by Keep America Beautiful, making them regionally specific and retailored with an emphasis on inquiry-based learning and correlation to state standards.

School Gardening Resources

Here is a helpful resource for school educators and gardeners, from the University of Illinois Extension! Great articles full of gardening news, garden-based education, fresh [...]

RFP Announcement

Curriculum Development and Training Opportunity for Educators St. Louis County posted a request for proposals (RFP) for environmental curriculum development and workshop services. We are [...]

Your Slice of the Landfill Pie

Most adults create about five pounds of garbage each day and most children (under 12) create about four pounds each day. Complete the calculations below to [...]

Fun and Games the 3R Way

Trash Bag Relay Turn a relay race in to an investigative, hands-on trash sort!  Students have fun as they learn the concepts of reduce, reuse [...]


Please contact RSP to borrow items and coordinate pick-up. Recycling books Aluminum Beverage Cans:  The ABCs of Environmental Education by NAAEE Advisory CommitteeAwesome Things to Make [...]

3R Loan Kits

Kits Now Available Please contact RSP to borrow items and coordinate pick-up. Hazardous Household Waste kitModel landfill kitPaper making kit Waste sorting kit Don't see what [...]