Please contact RSP to borrow items and coordinate pick-up. TITLE:  It’s easy to e-cycle! CATEGORY: Electronics recycling FORMAT: Educational DVD LENGTH: 10 minutes and 17 [...]

Classroom Presentation Evaluation Form

Use our convenient Online Request Form if you would like to schedule future presentations.  Explore our website for additional teacher resources. If you have further [...]

Free RSP Classroom Presentations

The following educational programs are free to all public and private schools in Saint Louis County. Unless noted otherwise, presentations are 45 minutes in length. [...]

Grades 5 – 12: Household Hazard…or Safe?

For a print-friendly version, open attachments at bottom of page.  Print on both sides of paper whenever possible. Recommended grade level: 5 – 12 Presentation time: [...]

Trash Sculpture

Trash becomes treasure through art! This concept can be done as a contest similar to a science fair where students work independently on a project [...]

Paper Making

The science of making paper is very simple and the process is the same whether it is a commercial chip mill, a recycled paper processor, [...]

Learn with the Worm!

Worm composting or vermicomposting is a perfect illustration of "natural" recycling. Worms eat food scraps, leaving behind dark castings (i.e. worm manure) called vermicompost. Vermicompost [...]

The Incredible, Edible Landfill

Following this simple schematic of a sanitary landfill, your class can learn about modern landfill construction and eat the results!   A landfill is carefully [...]