Looking for something fun and educational to do with your students?  We have several activities and projects that educate and reduce waste at the same time.  If you are a registered user and have related school activities to share, please add them here.

School Gardening Resources

Here is a helpful resource for school educators and gardeners, from the University of Illinois Extension! Great articles full of gardening news, garden-based education, fresh [...]

Your Slice of the Landfill Pie

Most adults create about five pounds of garbage each day and most children (under 12) create about four pounds each day. Complete the calculations below to [...]

Fun and Games the 3R Way

Trash Bag Relay Turn a relay race in to an investigative, hands-on trash sort!  Students have fun as they learn the concepts of reduce, reuse [...]

Trash Sculpture

Trash becomes treasure through art! This concept can be done as a contest similar to a science fair where students work independently on a project [...]

Paper Making

The science of making paper is very simple and the process is the same whether it is a commercial chip mill, a recycled paper processor, [...]

Learn with the Worm!

Worm composting or vermicomposting is a perfect illustration of "natural" recycling. Worms eat food scraps, leaving behind dark castings (i.e. worm manure) called vermicompost. Vermicompost [...]

The Incredible, Edible Landfill

Following this simple schematic of a sanitary landfill, your class can learn about modern landfill construction and eat the results!   A landfill is carefully [...]