SSR Guide – Understand the Basics

SSR Guide – Understand the Basics

Single stream recycling (SSR) has arrived in Saint Louis County and is available for commercial accounts.  SSR is a practical way of collecting all recyclable materials together and an increasing number of businesses and school districts in the region are moving to SSR as the most efficient way of reducing waste.

Most schools utilize recycling for paper and aluminum cans but oftentimes cardboard, plastic bottles, metal cans, milk cartons and other materials still end up going into the garbage dumpster.  Getting a single stream recycling program started in your school district is an easy way to make a positive change for the community.  If school districts participate in single stream recycling, less waste will be created and we will prolong the life of our landfills.

Benefits of Single Stream Recycling vs. Separate Streams

In the past, different types of recyclables were collected separately.  With single stream recycling, all that is needed is one container for recycling and one container for trash.   SSR makes it simple and two containers are easily integrated into classrooms, lunch rooms, staff lounges, and cafeterias.

Reasons to Implement District-Wide vs. by Individual School

Your district may have many schools or just a handful.  There might be some schools in your district that recycle a number of materials and others that recycle very little or nothing at all.  If every school in the district is utilizing the same program, recycling costs and savings can be considered in the overall district budget. Also, one set of educational materials can be created for distribution to every school.

We recommend that the single stream recycling program be introduced to the entire district, rather than school by school.  Some districts have chosen to start SSR in select schools within their district.  This option will be discussed further under “Consider Alternative Options” on page 7.

While recycling strategies are unique to each school when it comes to contracts and logistics, it is likely that the same program can be implemented district-wide.  While logistics may vary from school to school, a hauling contract for the district will cover every school.