Celebrate the Earth with a Waste-Free Lunch Day

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If you’re like most educators, you’ve noticed how much waste is thrown into the garbage cans at your school’s cafeteria.  Many students who bring their lunch find that after they’re finished eating, they are left with non-recyclable, single-serve packaging, paper napkins and disposable utensils and straws.  If you would like to reduce the amount of waste your school sends to the landfill, you can hold a school-wide waste-free lunch day!

To go even further, tell families how to join the Green My Lunch Campaign.

Encourage families to pack an Earth-friendly lunch for the following reasons:

  • They may save money by purchasing food items in larger bulk containers. 
  • They can save resources by reusing a cloth or plastic lunch bag or box. 
  • They will help keep garbage cans empty and save on school disposal costs. 
  • Children will avoid crumpled chips or smashed sandwiches by using sturdy, reusable containers.


Waste-Free Lunch

Tips For Packing An Earth-Friendly Lunch
  • Cloth napkins can be reused countless times.  Consider starting out with five napkins to get through the busy week.
  • Throw in a spoon or fork from your set of cutlery or wash your plastic utensils a few times before disposal.  Reusable bamboo utensils are a sustainable option for many folks. 
  • How about reusing margarine, yogurt, or hummus containers to pack snack items? 
  • Reuse or invest in a reusable bottle with a tight seal to store that lunch time drink.


Wasteful Lunch

Reducing Waste Has Many Rewards That Make It Well Worth The Effort!